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Professional English Language Teacher

Teaching experience


My name is Caine and I am an English language teacher from the UK. During my 9 years of teaching I've had the opportunity to teach learners of all ages and abilities. I've taught students as young as 3 the names of animals by singing songs. I've also helped company executives to improve their business English.

我是Caine, 一名来自英国的英语老师。在九年的一线教育经历中,我有幸教过各个年龄层、不同英文能力的学生。小到三岁的小朋友,我会用唱歌的方式教他们认识动物,大到职场人士、企业高管,我会用严肃而不失乐趣的方式来提高他们的商务英语能力。


I've also had the chance to teach in a diverse range of environments. Including teaching small groups of adult learners and spending 3 years teaching classes of more than 50 teenagers in a high school. I've worked with students one-on-one and I've given lectures to over 200 English learners about the plays of William Shakespeare.



My career as a teacher has been varied and rewarding; I've learnt a great deal about education and about myself. Teaching is not always easy, but I derive a huge sense of satisfaction from helping students to achieve their goals.



Cambridge English Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA)


Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours in Politics


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