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In this episode I introduce the cafe scene in Fuzhou's historic Yantai Shan area.


In this episode I discuss competitive dragon boat racing and train with a local dragon boat team.


In this episode I discuss Fuzhou's emerging tattoo scene, and meet with 3 local tattoo artists.


In this episode I introduce and discuss Fuzhou's new, cyberpunk-esque architecture.


Xiao Nian means "Little New Year" and it is a traditional Chinese festival. In this episode I discuss the Xiao Nian festival and how it is celebrated here in Fuzhou.


Each Laba Day Chinese Buddhists celebrate Shakyamuni Buddha achieving enlightenment. The most common way to celebrate this festival is to make and eat Laba porridge (also know as Laba zhou/Laba congee). In this video I explain the history and significance of Laba Day, and make Laba porridge for a local friend.

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